The myth of blind obedience

In a virtual reality experiment, people do not bend unscrupulously to authority Tied to a virtual chair, a human avatar writhes and groans in pain. Wear a sweater with the logo of University College London (UCL). In front of him, a student of the same British university equipped with virtual reality glasses has

US justice imputes a distributor for the first time for the opioid crisis

New York prosecutors accuse the Rochester Drug Cooperative of illegally distributing drugs and conspiring to defraud the anti-drug agency For the first time, US justice charges a pharmaceutical distributor and two of its executives for contributing to the opioid crisis that leaves tens of thousands to die each year. The Office of the

Obesity is an epidemic that is prevented from the cradle

The WHO makes for the first time recommendations on physical activity and sedentary lifestyle for children from zero to four years One in five children suffers from obesity, a chronic disease that dramatically worsens the quality of life and increases the risk of suffering, among others, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and diabetes. However,