Are foam rollers in gyms really useful?

A recent study by the Scottish University of Stirling reveals the best way to use them Although for a time foam rollers were used only by professional athletes, nowadays it is difficult to enter a gym and not find someone who is using it. They have become the fashion gadget in

Massages and relaxation to control stress and anxiety

We made a selection to rest and relax from the advice of the president of the Spanish Society for the Study of Anxiety and Stress Everyone experiences stress and anxiety on a daily basis. So says Dr. Antonio R. Cano, president of the Spanish Society for the Study of Anxiety and Stress(SEAS). And is

The myth of blind obedience

In a virtual reality experiment, people do not bend unscrupulously to authority Tied to a virtual chair, a human avatar writhes and groans in pain. Wear a sweater with the logo of University College London (UCL). In front of him, a student of the same British university equipped with virtual reality glasses has

The keys to reduce harm from drugs

Congress addresses how to minimize damage to the health and society of narcotics. The director of Harm Reduction International, Naomi Burke-Shyne, reviews the keys Harm reduction is a concept based on the idea that drugs are not going away. There are people who either because they can not quit or do not want to continue consuming,

In memory of mom’s cancer

Ariadna was only 15 years old when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. A hard experience that forced him to mature quickly. In 2016, together with her cousin Save the Mama, she founded a meeting place, information, and support for women with this disease and also collects funds for the research

Two premature babies die from a hospital bacterium

The Vall d'Hebron in Barcelona isolates eight other neonates carrying the 'Klebsiella pneumonia '. The deceased suffered an intestinal ailment that was complicated in sepsis Infection by the bacterium Klebsiella pneumonia has caused in the last week the death of two premature babies at the Vall d'Hebron hospital in Barcelona, which has also isolated the bacterium in eight other

Chronic fatigue is not a psychological illness

A US team creates a diagnostic method that, with a blood test, distinguishes the cells of people suffering from the disease and healthy Sara Medrano remembers that when she exposed her symptoms to doctors, a frequent response was to send her to the psychiatrist. He suffered continual exhaustion whose origin seemed impossible

Discover cupping or massage with suction cups

The cupping or massage with suckers consists of applying suckers on the body, to which the air is extracted, and which are manipulated in order to eliminate toxins from the blood and lymph or treat various conditions. Surely you have been shocked to see the most decorated sportsman in the history